Write,  Reference,  Read

A MultiMarkdown editor with a built-in browser that makes the web easy to read on iPhone

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Beautiful Text Editing

Whether taking a quick note, making a checklist, or writing a longer document, Shift makes editing easy. Your MultiMarkdown text is kept exactly in sync with your HTML preview so you just pinch-out to preview and tap text to type. It just feels natural.

Quick Lookup Browser

When I write, I check references often. Shift makes referencing the web and the dictionary easier than ever with a built-in browser that formats web text for easy reading on iPhone. Articles that were difficult to read become a pleasure using fonts and colors that suit your comfort. Quickly check the dictionary, Wikipedia, Google, or any other website all styled for easy-reading.

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Notable Features

  • Smart Markdown shortcuts for lists & sub-lists, emphasis & strong, indentation, headings, undo and more.
  • Two previous document versions retained to rollback mistakes.
  • Character & word counts per selection and per document.
  • Make any list into a checklist.
  • Customize font and color schemes.
  • Browse your whole Dropbox repository or selectively hide folders to avoid clutter.
  • Modify included stylesheets in place or add your own.
  • “Being able to check Wikipedia or a website when I write without switching apps speeds up my work” A Generous Beta-Tester
  • “My older eyes love the quick-browser, it helps me read comfortably on the web” 45-year-old user
  • “Get this App done” My Wife